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Floof Cotton Candy

Valentine's Day Rainbow Floof Cake

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I'm a 5-layer, Rainbow Floof Cake with 3 white hearts on top! My layers include Watermelon, Peach/Mango, Lemonade, Kiwi-Strawberry, Blue Razz. I make an excellent (Instagram-worthy!) addition to any dessert table or V-day party. Our V-day Floof cakes come with a bag of sprinkles pink sprinkles with mini hearts.

Floof Cakes are dairy free, gluten free, nut free, soy free and vegan (they are made in a facility where nuts might be present).

Available for local pick up OR delivery! Shipping costs are calculated at checkout. If you need shipping, please select the date you would like your cake delivered. We will make sure your cake arrives on or before your selected date. Floof Cakes can easily last 1 week unopened when stored in a cool, dry place. 

TIP: Once you put candles (or any toppers) in the cotton candy cake, permanent holes will be left. So choose your placement wisely! 

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